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The Anu & Naveen Jain Women’s Safety Xprize

 - Team 


"Thank you for registering for the Women’s Safety XPRIZE. Your application is complete and your team is now an official competitor."



 Harlech, Gwynedd, United Kingdom
It listens, understands and helps - and more - adding every bit of kit together to help make people's lives better and safer
Need for additional team members?:Yes
For the Team Name below: The best Team Names are short and unique. Try to avoid using the word 'team' – for example use 'XPRIZE' and not 'Team XPRIZE'
Phone Number
Team Story
This team story is of a damaged and damaging man who never wanted to hurt anyone... but did. Who stepped away from as many people as he could (those who were left after his friends had gone) and isolated himself through illness and sadness and tried to understand his inner self and it's landmines planted in him when he was a child.
The need to get help, the right help, at the right time along with the lifelong scream to help others led to looking at technology to sort out those inner screams, for myself and others.
In 2000 I first started talking with Autonomy Ltd Cambridge UK about the use of their AudentifyAungate and Softsound to help ordinary folk get help. Just by talking.
I carried on talking to companies and individuals from then on about the use of high level, off the shelf solutions to help individuals to get the right sort of help when it's needed.
In recent years I've had an offer of help from a Smithsonian Laureate who was also one of the few 'outsiders' to have full access to IBM Watson.
Throughout my research, on helping, using high tech help there have been memorable individuals who have added to the possibilities for 'real-time help for real people' and helped my head keep going when sadness and madness got too bad (See my LinkedIn profile for just a few of them My facebook and Twitter profiles also contain some wonderful people too! ) These are the people I will be contacting again, along with new players who could help to build what I know can be added to the Global systems in place today to add immeasurably to the safety and peace of people on Planet Earth today.
Here's to a better today for more people, sooner rather than later.

WSXP: Needed expertise?
AI Reasoning
Angel InvestingApplied Math and Algorithms
Audio Understanding/RecognitionBiochemistry
Business DevelopmentComputer Aided Design
Computer ProgrammingData Engineering
Data ScienceData Visualization
Design GeneralistElectrical Engineering
Grant WritingGraphical Modeling
Graphic and Visual DesignHardware Design and Modeling
Hardware PrototypingImage Understanding/Recognition
Industrial EngineeringIndustrial Design
MarketingMaterial Science
Mechanical EngineeringPrivate Equity
Probability and StatisticsProcess Engineering
Social Development: Program DesignSocial Development: Partnerships and RCTs
Server-side ProgrammingSoftware Architecture and Programming
Software PrototypingUser Experience/User Interaction Design
Usability TestingVenture Capital
Interested in Connecting With a Mentor?
Mentor categories desired
Software Development
Hardware/Technology DevelopmentBusiness Plans and Development
Branding and MarketingInvestments and Funding
Content CreationDomain Expertise (prize-specific knowledge and experience)
Want to help?

Thursday, 24 March 2016


Just had a friend invite from Casteel John Raymond

Casteel John Raymond is in your contacts
Senior Online Representative at Facebook
Lives in Menlo Park, California

Hello Mark

Hello from Harlech Wales UK (-:

My names are Casteel John Raymond and I work with Facebook as a Senior Online Representative.

i've spotted that smile emoticon
It did make me think when i saw it
interesting to be in the core of such a complex 'machine'
world changing

I am contacting you because I have good news for you from the Facebook.

........ ok......

Have you heard about the ongoing Facebook Online Mid-Year Giveaway or anything related to it?


I am pleased to inform you that your name was among the 20 lucky winners who won $600.000.00USD (Six Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) each on the Facebook Online Mid-Year Giveaway.

so.... the web says its probably a scam so if i report you for spam and its real then FB should come back to me and let me know in double quick time that the money is really mine and that it wasn't a scam. I could launch my project to help people... and and and .... so

Chat conversation end
Seen 22:28

THEN HE UNFRIENDED ME.... frown emoticon


smile emoticon

Mark Aldiss
 Just heard from Facebook, who this man is supposed to work with/for
You anonymously reported Casteel John Raymond for pretending to be someone they aren't.

Block Casteel John
You won't be able to see or contact each other.

Your Report
You anonymously reported Casteel John Raymond for pretending to be someone they aren't.
Our Reply
Thanks for letting us know about the Profile you reported for pretending to be someone they aren't. We're following up with Casteel John Raymond about this to make sure that they know about the Facebook Community Standards. Your name was kept confidential.
Please let us know if you see anything else that concerns you – we want to keep Facebook safe and welcoming for everyone.

He is still there today.


Hardin K Leanna
Chat conversation start
You're friends on Facebook
Claim Agent at Facebook HQ
Lives in Menlo Park, California
How are you doing this blessed day and your family?

its an interesting day (-: you?
It ia a great day
My name is Hardin from Menlo park CA I work for the Facebook social network and you?
.....? and and a few others - working on getting help for people like me and others (-:
I was asked to pass you some vital information regarding to your Facebook account.

but i am actually a man who is disabled living on state benefits smile emoticon
as well
grand mal epilepsy and a few other bits
but i do love life :-)
Before I proceed I will know if you know about the Facebook online promotion 2015/16

it still feels like a scam to me but yes i was contacted by someone else so i let facebook know.... my friend thinks i might just be being cynical :-)

Hello i will like you to know that this is not a scam at all okay so you dont have to be skeptical at all okay
So can we proceed?

thats ok then... just to let you know that i have reported this converstaion to your bosses so if everything about it is ok then my friend and you will be proved right and i will have to work harder on my trust issues :-) so what next :-)

Oh i see.

I am delighted to inform you that your name was luckily selected among the 20 lucky winners who won the sum of $600,000.00 Us dollars
i never jump up and down about me winning major sums of money on the net because every time i have i then have to give the rolls royce back and leave my private island just as i start to love it :-)
and i would like you to know that Facebook is aimed at saying A BIG THANK YOU to all our Online Users for making Facebook their number one means to connect, communicate, relate and hook up with their Families, Love Ones and Friends over the years

as i said, it's an interesting world isn't it :-) i like fb for that too
I am using this great opportunity to congratulate you once again and i am here to know if you are ready to claim your winning because we don't force winners in claiming their winnings....Here are some picture of our past winners that receive there winning Successfully.
Can you see taht very clearly?

yup. so how do i claim ?

for you to claim your winnings prize you have to abide to the Facebook rules and regulations

this is intriguing ... is this a con or a mark smiling all over his face??

Hello i want you to know that this is 100% real and legitimate okay so you have nothing to be worried about okay

so where do we go from here?

I want you to know you will just have to keep your winning as a secret don't tell anyone about your winning to avoid double claiming of your winning.

... and ive reported your profile as fake by the way..... and i reall think i want to write about you and Casteel John Raymond, Senior Online Representative at Facebook, Lives in Menlo Park, California too... 
fb needs to sort out a more honest and open way of doing this if its true cos it is so like a scam - you will have to give the money to someone else or openly give it to me... not this way - have a lovely day - (-:

smile emoticon
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Mark Aldiss facebook said they will mention about community guidelines to them

and Mr Casteel is still saying he works for Facebook

Don't Facebook know who works for them? Don't they know how to code? If they don't care about others using their name do they care about more important things... like pedophiles...

Friday, 22 January 2016

Groups demand Saffron leader’s release

Groups demand Saffron leader’s release

Groups demand Saffron leader’s release

The wife of a former monk and prominent leader of the 2007 Saffron Revolution was denied permission to visit her jailed husband yesterday.
Marie Siochana told The Myanmar Times that authorities barred her entry from the prison because she is a foreign citizen. Myanmar authorities said this is standard procedure until the backing of the relevant embassy is secured.
Her husband, U Gambira, was arrested at a hotel in Mandalay around midnight on January 19. He has been denied bail and is being held in Mandalay’s Oboe prison on immigration-related charges.
U Gambira, who is no longer a monk and resides in Thailand, entered Myanmar with Ms Siochana at the Thai border crossing of Mae Sai-Tachileik on January 16. Police allege that he did not enter the country legally, and have charged him under Section 13(a) of the colonial-era Burma Immigration (Emergency Provisions) Act of 1947.
International rights groups suspect the charge is a form of politically motivated harassment and called for the activist to be immediately and unconditionally released. UK-based rights group Amnesty International called the charges against U Gambira “contrived, arbitrary and politically motivated”. The group also took aim at the broader pattern of suppression of activists in Myanmar, which they say runs at odds with the country’s human rights commitments.
“The Myanmar authorities continue to arrest and imprison activists and human rights defenders on politically motivated charges, part of an ongoing clampdown on the rights to freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly which are enshrined in Articles 19 and 20 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” read the Amnesty statement released on January 20.
The call for U Gambira’s release was echoed by the ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights (APHR), which said the arrest comes at a “pivotal time” and is “extremely concerning and risks sacrificing any potential positive legacy of the government of President Thein Sein”.
“This arrest seems to be on trumped-up charges and is most likely politically motivated. Gambira has sacrificed a great deal to support the rights of the Myanmar people to fight for democracy and should be treated accordingly – not hounded and thrown in jail,” said Son Chhay, a Cambodian member of parliament and vice chair of the APHR.
Son Chhay said that the arrest calls into question the sincerity of Myanmar’s reform efforts.
“The outgoing military-backed government is not sending the signal that it is ready to work with other stakeholders to see Myanmar grow into an open society that upholds international human rights norms, and this has concerning undertones for the tenure of the next government,” he said.
U Gambira’s arrest in Mandalay came just one day after a US State Department envoy called on President U Thein Sein to release all political prisoners. The senior-level representative urged the president to fulfill his 2013 pledge before he leaves office at the end of March as a sign of his commitment to the reform process.
U Gambira was previously jailed and sentenced to 68 years in prison relating to his role leading pro-democracy demonstrations in 2007. He was released in a presidential amnesty in January 2012 after serving four years and two months.
He suffers from major mental health issues, including extreme post-traumatic stress disorder stemming from his earlier imprisonment when he was tortured. He was also diagnosed as schizophrenic in late 2015. Ms Siochana said he is currently medicated and must follow a strict regimen of prescribed drugs. She sent medications to the jail, with instructions, but estimates less than one month’s supply is left.
A trauma specialist in Thailand who has treated U Gambira raised concerns over the possible trigger effects the reimprisonment will cause.
The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners told The Myanmar Timesthat while immigration-related charges haven’t been used much in recent years in political cases, there is some precedent for using them.
“The charge under the The Myanmar Immigration (Emergency Provisions) Act is not so commonly used for political reasons but has been used, particularly before 2011, when people would illegally cross the border to coordinate with CBOs and disseminate information to the outside world,” the Thailand-based group said.
The police report said that during interrogation U Gambira confessed to having made several unofficial border crossings since he left Myanmar to seek medical treatment in Thailand in November 2013. However, it did not appear these were the subject of the charges against him.
“It reeks of retro-vengeance and neo-paranoia on the part of the authorities to target someone they have already tortured and apparently want to ensure will never pose a threat to the military’s interests again,” said David Mathieson, a senior researcher with Human Rights Watch in Myanmar. “If this is the new post-election Burma, it is looking disturbingly like the Burma of nine years ago that U Gambira was trying to peacefully change.”

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Obama Mama | SIFF - Director: Vivian Norris Premiere Status: World Premiere Country: USA, Poland, France

Obama Mama

Intelligent, progressive, and steadfastly brave, Barack Obama’s mother Stanley Ann Dunham (a lifelong globetrotter who spent her teenage years living in Mercer Island) pursued an unexpected and profound life.

May 31, 20146:00 PMKirkland Performance CenterBuy

June 1, 201411:00 AMHarvard ExitBuy

Stanley Ann Dunham was more than the mother of the first black President of the United States of America. As an anthropologist with a Ph.D and as a lifelong globetrotter, her intelligence, progressive politics, and activism made for a profound life—one whose inspiration continues to resonate through her son, President Barack Obama. Through interviews with high school friends and colleagues, film clips, and archival footage, Obama Mama explores Dunham’s travels from small-town Kansas to Seattle, Hawaii, and Indonesia as well as her work in the Civil Rights and Feminist Movements, her dedication to raising awareness of global poverty, and her development of microcredit programs to address poverty in rural villages. Dunham is indirectly responsible for some of the greatest contributions to American and global history, especially Obama’s revolutionary health care bill. She died from cancer at the age of 52 – and had incurred several hundred dollars of unreimbursed health-care costs each month due to her cancer being considered a “pre-existing condition.” The “largeness of her heart,” as her son describes it, is the centerpiece of this inspiring documentary.

Director Biography

Vivian Norris is based in Paris and holds a PhD, focusing on Globalization Studies at the University of Washington. Currently, Dr. Norris is an independent producer and director as well as writing freelance on Business, Film, and Technology for BBC Online and The Huffington Post. She founded Vigilante VNM Productions to produce independent documentaries with social messages. 
Sponsored by 4Culture, Seattle Office of Arts & Culture, Washington State Arts Commission, National Endowment for the Arts, Black Rapid Media, CityArts
Director:Vivian Norris
Premiere Status:World Premiere
Country:USA, Poland, France
Running Time:83 minutes
Producer:Vivian Norris, Brian Woods
Screenplay:Vivian Norris
Cinematographers:Bruce Hutson, Yuri Zakovitch, Ray Woodhouse, Dennis Boni
Editors:Angelos Angelidis
Music:Josette Zakovitch, Johanna Saint-Pierre, Kate Ellis
Website:Official Film Website
Filmography:Debut Feature Film

Monday, 14 April 2014

In 2013 the Prato Conference is being jointly organised by CIRN, the Center for Information as Evidence, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), and the Centre for Organisational and Social Informatics at Monash University. It will explore the rich synergy of experiences and viewpoints amongst Community Informatics and Community Archives researchers.

Dear Mark Aldiss,

Please excuse any cross posting.

I am contacting you because you have been a participant at Prato in the past
or registered your interest.  Youyou may be interested in participating in the
10th! conference.

You can now register your submission (refereed, non-referred PhD, workshop,
posters) via the database  @ For more information
about the conference location, travel, and costs, see

Please also forward this email.

In 2013 the Prato Conference is being jointly organised by CIRN, the  Center
for Information as Evidence, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), and
the Centre for Organisational and Social Informatics at Monash University. It
will explore the rich synergy of experiences and viewpoints amongst Community
Informatics and Community Archives researchers.

Community Informatics is primarily concerned with improving the wellbeing of
people and their communities, through more effective use of ICTs. Community
Informatics foregrounds social change and transformative action in emergent
social-technical relationships rather than prediction and control. This
orientation also has much in common with Development Informatics.

Community-centric archival research, education and practice are concerned with
empowering communities in support of such desirable objectives as democracy,
human and civil rights, self-determination, sustainable development, and
social inclusion. Recordkeeping and archiving are fundamental infrastructural
components supporting community information, self-knowledge and memory needs,
thus contributing to resilient communities and cultures.

The 2012 Prato Conference was the first time that people from Community
Informatics and Community Archives came together. Much of the research that CI
people were reporting was of great interest to archivists because it addressed
memory and identity infrastructures and how technologies can support them. New
approaches to archival research, education and practice that support
community-based scholarship provide an alternative lens for looking at
Community Informatics research, education and practice. Community Informatics
researchers gained new insights into the characteristics, motivations and
interests of diverse, often underrepresented communities.

 2012 Conference participants identified a strong nexus between the two areas
of research in which closer interaction could result in significant support
for each other’s activity. There also appears to be a strong alignment in
values around the principles of There also appears to be a strong alignment in
values around the principles of transformative research, social justice, and
giving voices to those who currently lack a voice.

 Some topics to consider for conference papers, and presentations or special

    How can Community Informatics and Community Archives inform each other?
    How might such cross-fertilization or convergence (professional,
practical, conceptual) be encouraged?
    The dark side of community activity; dealing with suspicion, trauma,
failure or hostility and their legacies.
    How do we use and tell stories ethically and effectively?
    Addressing incommensurability in community-based research.
    Community-aware management, storage and ownership of community data and
    Participatory methodologies in Community Informatics and Community
Archives research
    The relationship of other frameworks such as Citizenship Journalism or
Community-based research to Community Informatics and Community Archives
    Working with the hard end of the Information Sciences.

Other Papers and Presentations

 We also welcome papers (refereed, non-referred, works in progress) in any
other area of Community Informatics, Development Informatics, Community
Archives and related disciplines. We embrace interdisciplinarity, and Prato is
the ideal place to share ideas!

PhD colloquium

 We also encourage PhD students in any of these disciplines to participate in
the PhD symposium. Many students have gained much from participation in this


Anne Gilliland, UCLA--from the perspective of community archives. Anne is
Professor, Information Studies and Moving Image Archive Studies, Director,
Center for Information as Evidence At UCLA.
Steve Thompson, University of Teesside--from the perspective of community
informatics.  Steve is a musician, composer, multimedia artist, technologist,
educator and academic.

Dates and Processes

 In order to enhance the quality of papers in all streams, Program Chairs will
take an active role in guiding papers through the  review process and
deadlines will be adhered to.

 The following kinds of papers are sought:

    Full papers for blind peer review by at least 2 reviewers (up to 6000
    Works in progress and more speculative pieces (reviewed and selected, but
not peer reviewed)
    Non refereed papers, including practitioner reports (up to 6000 words).
    PhD papers which provide an outline of current or proposed PhD research
(between 2-3000 words, including references).
    Proposals for workshops or panel discussions.
    Proposals for posters.

 Conference papers for all categories MUST use the conference format  at

You can only submit abstracts and proposals via the conference database @

    Call for papers & proposals. Expressions of interest conference website.
Abstracts/papers can only be submitted through the conference database which
will be made available. Submit the abstract in the online form, not as an
attachment. Abstracts up to 550 words.    Please submit by May 15 to avoid
    Acceptance/modification/ rejection notices    As soon as possible
    Full papers and abstracts for all streams due    1 July 2013.  The
conference format can be accessed  @ .
    Referee reports to participants by    1 September 2013
    Final version of papers, based on peer review and program committee
decisions due    1 October September 2013
    Conference proceedings    Online
    Registrations    Available from 1 July
    Post-conference ½ day workshop    October 31 October 2013 (more
information will be posted).

Conference Chairs (partial)

    Sue McKemmish, Monash University
    Anne Gilliland, UCLA
    Tom Denison, Monash University
    Aldo de Moor, CommunitySense, Netherlands
    Larry Stillman, Monash University
    Nicola Strizzolo, Univ. of Udine, Italy

Committee (partial)

    Patricia Arnold, Munich University of Applied Sciences, Germany
    Fiorella de Cindio, University of Milan, Italy
    Mike Arnold, University of Melbourne, Australia
    Ann Bishop, Univ. of Illinois, USA
    Gunilla Bradley, Royal Institute of Tech., Sweden
    Peter Day, University of Brighton, UK
    Wallace Chigona, Univ. of Cape Town, South Africa
    Barbara Craig, Victoria Univ. of Wellington, NZ
    Aldo de Moor, CommunitySense, Netherlands
    Vesna Dolnicar, University of Lubljana, Slovenia
    Alison Elliot, University of Sydney, Australia
    Manuela Farinosi, University of Udine, Italy
    Leopoldina Fortunati, University of Udine, Italy
    Ricardo Gomez, University of Washington, Seattle
    Marlien Herselman, Meraka Institute, CSIR, South Africa
    Sarai Lastra, Turabo Univ., Puerto Rico
    Mike Martin, University of Newcastle, UK
    TJ McDonald, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
    William McIver, Jr, National Research Council Canada
    Mauro Sarrica, La Sapienza, Rome, Italy
    Douglas Schuler, The Public Sphere Project, The Evergreen State College,
    Eduardo Villanueva Mansilla, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
    Steve Thompson, Teesside University, UK
    Will Tibben, University of Wollongong, Australia
    Janet Toland, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ
    Emiliano Trere,Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro, México
    Gilson Schwartz, Univ. São Paulo, Brazil
    Andy Williamson, Future Digital, UK
    Martin Wolske, University of Illinois, USA

Conference Organisation

    Larry Stillman, Monash University, Australia
    Amalia Sabiescu, Università della Svizzera Italiana, Switzerland
    Nemanja Memarovic, Università della Svizzera Italiana, Switzerland

Prato CIRN Community Informatics Conference 2013