Saturday, 1 April 2017

The Anu & Naveen Jain Women’s Safety Xprize

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 Harlech, Gwynedd, United Kingdom
It listens, understands and helps - and more - adding every bit of kit together to help make people's lives better and safer
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This team story is of a damaged and damaging man who never wanted to hurt anyone... but did. Who stepped away from as many people as he could (those who were left after his friends had gone) and isolated himself through illness and sadness and tried to understand his inner self and it's landmines planted in him when he was a child.
The need to get help, the right help, at the right time along with the lifelong scream to help others led to looking at technology to sort out those inner screams, for myself and others.
In 2000 I first started talking with Autonomy Ltd Cambridge UK about the use of their AudentifyAungate and Softsound to help ordinary folk get help. Just by talking.
I carried on talking to companies and individuals from then on about the use of high level, off the shelf solutions to help individuals to get the right sort of help when it's needed.
In recent years I've had an offer of help from a Smithsonian Laureate who was also one of the few 'outsiders' to have full access to IBM Watson.
Throughout my research, on helping, using high tech help there have been memorable individuals who have added to the possibilities for 'real-time help for real people' and helped my head keep going when sadness and madness got too bad (See my LinkedIn profile for just a few of them My facebook and Twitter profiles also contain some wonderful people too! ) These are the people I will be contacting again, along with new players who could help to build what I know can be added to the Global systems in place today to add immeasurably to the safety and peace of people on Planet Earth today.
Here's to a better today for more people, sooner rather than later.

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