Thursday, 27 October 2011

ExxonMobil Profits Jump by 41%, to $10.3 Billion | ThinkProgress

by Noreen Nielsen

Today, oil giant ExxonMobil announced their 2011 third-quarter earnings, reporting a whopping $10.3 billion in profits, an increase of 41 percent from the same period last year. Overall, Exxon has earned over $31 billion in profits in the first nine months of the year. Not surprisingly, ExxonMobil is also one of the most politically engaged of the top five oil companies. A few key facts:


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3 Responses to ExxonMobil Profits Jump by 41%, to $10.3 Billion

  1. prokaryotes says:

    The only path to sustain this kind of growth and to keep dominating the energy market, requires a switch to renewable energy generation.

    Fossil energies are no longer compatible with our consumption rate. To keep up the rate of growth you need to create a sustainable energy market.

  2. Bill Walker says:

    The link to “billions of dollars in tax breaks” first gave me a 404, and now it redirects back here. Not helpful.

  3. Colorado Bob says:

    $10.3 Billion this is just about the tab for the same period in Thailand.

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