Wednesday, 21 March 2012

It is NOT. FUNNY. | Mindfuckery


YES. Rape is HILARIOUS. Absolutely fucking hilarious.

Being told to take off your clothes while being threatened with a knife? Yes. That’s just hysterical. Being held down, butt-naked, on a bed with your hands bound behind your back is even funnier. And then as he unzips his pants, laughing at you, well, that’s OBVIOUSLY funny, or why else would he be laughing?

Then he forces himself into you, and you must have wanted it! You do, after all, like sex, and isn’t “rape” just rougher sex? Who cares if he uses a condom? Who gives a fuck if after he’s done fucking you against your will, he takes the knife he’s been threatening you with and shoves it inside your vagina and fucks you with THAT, as if it’s nothing more than a dildo for your pleasure? And as you’re being ripped to pieces, as you are in agonizing pain in a place that you never expected to be in agonizing pain, you MUST have wanted it, you must have asked for it! Because we all know that women want nothing but a good fuck from an aggressive male.

And then when he pulls out a gun, and he sticks that in your vagina, and he PULLS THE FUCKING TRIGGER — as you think that you are going to die a horrible, violating death, of COURSE that is the funniest part of all. Because the gun is empty! That click that you hear echoing in your mind months later, in your dreams, in the most random moments of your life, when you’re least expecting it, well, that’s obviously you overreacting. If he had actually shot you, that would have been something to remember with fear. But he didn’t! So get over it!

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder? Please. That’s for war veterans, not “rape victims” (whom we all know are just regretting the sex they asked for!). You’re just being melodramatic. Get over yourself.


His name was Brian, and he raped me brutally, with a knife and a gun. I thought I was going to die. I haven’t been the same since. When people tell me, oh, it was no big deal, it makes me want to go all black belt on their cunt faces and tell them, YOU TRY IT. YOU TRY IT AND SEE HOW YOU REACT TO IT AFTER THE FACT.

Because you’re never the same after being raped. Never. Not mentally, but not physically either. You know I can’t get pregnant? My cervix is so scarred from the knife that it would be a miracle for me to conceive, let alone carry a fetus to term. Some people would consider that to be a blessing, but I’m thinking of the future. I CAN’T HAVE BIOLOGICAL CHILDREN. Sure, there’s adoption, but what about my BODY? Why am I robbed of the chance of a pregnancy, when maybe someday I would WANT a biological child?

And then there are those idiots who think rape is funny. Who joke about it. Who tell me I’m overreacting, that my PTSD isn’t real. Well, FUCK THEM. I still hear the click of that empty gun, echoing in my brain. It will be with me forever. So fuck you if you think it’s funny. Fuck you.

Rape is a big fucking deal.