Sunday, 18 March 2012

THE EXPENDABLE PROJECT Schapelle Corby: Case Exhibits

Case Exhibits

The case exhibits include emails, cables and correspondence, which provide insight into the disturbing position and actions of the Australian government, in perpetrating the political sacrifice of an innocent citizen.


EXHIBIT: Amended Letter On Boogie-Board Bag Scanning

EXHIBIT: A Carefully Crafted Position

EXHIBIT: The Kessing Referral Letter

EXHIBIT: Preparing The Script

EXHIBIT: Kevin Rudd Letter To Alexander Downer

EXHIBIT: Christopher Ellison's Template Response

EXHIBIT: Schapelle Corby - The Hot Potato


EXHIBIT: The Mechanics Of Sacrifice - The Cable

EXHIBIT: The Mechanics Of Sacrifice - The Meeting

EXHIBIT: AFP Duplicity - The Changing DFAT Request

EXHIBIT: DFAT Duplicity - The Marijuana Testing Request

EXHIBIT: AFP Duplicity - The Marijuana Testing Request


EXHIBIT: Schapelle Corby's Plea For Justice

EXHIBIT: The Sentence Discrimination Complaint

EXHIBIT: Public Evasion By The Prime Minister

EXHIBIT: Consular Report On Plea For Government Honesty

EXHIBIT: Consular Report On Forensic Testing


EXHIBIT: Paris Hotman's Insights

EXHIBIT: The Law Council & AFP Commissioner Keelty

EXHIBIT: A Mutual Assistance Request

EXHIBIT: A Gift From The State

EXHIBIT: The Queensland Police Certificates

EXHIBIT: Unanswered Questions (Aviation Security)


EXHIBIT: Another Example Of Airport Criminality

EXHIBIT: Keelty, Ellison & The Media

EXHIBIT: The Refused Independent Enquiry

EXHIBIT: Enforcing The Government's Policy

EXHIBIT: Continued Government Censorship

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