Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Searching for Schapelle on twitter?



Searching for Schapelle?

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Editor's note

Schapelle Corby

Schapelle Corby
This online automated newspaper is here as an indicator of how well Twitter is being used in the battle to free Schapelle Corby.

It takes a strong fight to fill a page on here - lots of people working hard to make those in power listen to reason

Good luck with filling this up! 

(So far no one I have talked to since hearing about Schapelle has heard about her over here in Wales, UK - nothing....)

I only found out about Schapelle Corby today. This paper is a reflection of the conversation about her on Twitter - not all the links will be about her, some will have come from twitter streams of people who follow her followers. It gives an overall feeling for the numbers fighting and the interest out there in twitterland. 

DON'T USE THE TAG #Corby - There is a town in the uk called Corby and that is pulling in more interest on twitter than Schapelle Corby is.
This was getting so few results the only word it looks for now is schapelle