Friday, 16 March 2012

Free Satellite Broadband for Wales Support Scheme - Broadband Wherever - Broadband Wherever

Get your Satellite Broadband setup for free in Wales.

The Welsh Assembly have recently announce the continuation of their Broadband Support Scheme in Wales. If your current broadband speed is less than 2Mbps you qualify to have an alternative service such as satellite broadband. Under the WAG Broadband Support Scheme you can claim up to £1000.00 towards the set up costs of an alternative broadband solution.

To find out how to apply, contact our dedictaed support staff who will send you the required quote and application forms to get the process moving. We will even help complete the forms if required.

The grant for free broadband in Wales only applies to the initial set up costs, the ongoing monthly service fees are not covered, and are payable by the customer.

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