Saturday, 17 March 2012 - jury nullification in Canada

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In Canadian law -  a jury may nullify a law if they wish to. Many of the precedents date back  to when Henry Morgentaler was acquitted by several juries  for performing abortions -- which were illegal at the time but accepted by the community. So juries used their right to nullify the law and acquitted  Morgentaler in spite of the law.

If you are chosen for jury duty in Canada or in the US you have the right to ignore the judge, ignore the law and acquit.


Jury nullification is used by juries when laws do not reflect the will of the people or their communities. If you are a juror in a marijuana trial and agree with the majority of Canadians and the Canadian Senate ( see link below ) that marijuana laws - like the abortion laws of a previous century do not reflect the will of the people - use your right to acquit. Do not ask the judge, prosecutor or any lawyer involved in the trial whether you have this right. As officers of the court they will divert and deceive you. When you are in your jury deliberations - just say no and keep saying no - and the rest of the jury will eventually want to go home.

"Jurors have always had the ability to ignore the judge, ignore the law and acquit, jury nullification serves as an important check on government power." ..... University of Alberta law professor Sanjeev Anand ...Edmonton Sun January 15, 2006