Wednesday, 20 March 2013

63 economists pledge support for People’s Assembly | Coalition of Resistance Against Cuts & Privatisation

63 economists pledge support for People’s Assembly | Coalition of Resistance Against Cuts & Privatisation

63 economists pledge support for People’s Assembly

March 21, 2013

After Osborne’s disastrous budget yesterday, 63 economists have pledged their support for thePeople’s Assembly with a letter to the Guardian.

UK Unveils Budget 2013
Published in the Guardian on Thursday 21 March
George Osborne‘s latest budget confirms that austerity policies are set to continue for years to come (Budget 2013, 20 March).
This is a call from economists and academics to all those millions of people in Britain who face an impoverished and uncertain year as their wages, jobs, conditions and welfare provision come under renewed attack by the government. It is important that people understand that there is a large body of opinion against these policies.
With some 80% of austerity measures still to come, and with the government lengthening the time they expect cuts to last, we are calling a people’s assembly against austerity to bring together campaigns against cuts and privatisation with trade unionists in a movement for social justice. We aim to develop a strategy for resistance to mobilise millions of people against the Con Dem government.Register for the People’s Assembly here
Professor Ha-Joon Chang Cambridge
Professor Hugo Radice Leeds
Professor Stephanie Blankenburg SOAS
Professor Ian Gough LSE
Tom Lines Economic consultant
Professor George Irvin SOAS
Professor Malcolm Sawyer Leeds
Senior lecturer David Hudson UCL
Professor Diane Elson Essex
Professor Sergio Rossi Fribourg
Professor Andrew Dobson Keele
Professor Frances Stewart Oxford
Professor Alan Freeman London Metropolitan
Sir Anthony Atkinson Oxford
Professor Christine Cooper Strathclyde
Dr Bruce Philip NTU
Professor John Weeks SOAS
Molly Scott-Cato Gaia economics
Professor Simon Mohun London
Professor Giuseppe Fontana Leeds
Diego Sanchez-Conchea Oxford
Professor Victoria Chick UCL
Michael Burke Economic consultant
Professor Simon Lilley Leicester
Professor Andy Denis City
Richard Wolff
Senior lecturer John Simister MMU
Professor Colin Richardson Imperial
Professor John Ross Shanghai
Professor Matthew Watson Warwick
Dr Julian Wells Kingston
Professor Judith Clifton Cantabria
Professor David Byrne Durham
James Meadway Senior economist, Nef
Professor Andrew Cumbers Glasgow
Professor Mario Seccareccia Ottawa
Associate professor Anitra Nelson RMIT
Ann Pettifor PRIME
Dr Theodore Koutsobinas UWG
Professor Guglielmo Davanzati Salento
Professor Hartmut Elsehans Leipzig
Professor Julie Matthaei Wellesley
Professor David Harvey CUNY
Professor Raphael Kaplinsky Open University
Professor David Gleicher Adelphi
Professor Geoffrey Harcourt UNSW
Adjunct professor Steven Hail Adelaide
Professor Noemi Levy-Orlik UNAM
Professor Stefano Lucarelli Bergamo
Associate professor Louis-Philippe Rochon Ontario
Roy Rotheim Skidmore
Professor Judith Mehta
Dr Hideo Shingu Kyoto
Professor Daniel Diaz-Fuentes Unican
Professor Riccardo Bellofiore Bergamo
Professor Alan Ciblis UNGS
Dr Jesus Munoz Lancaster
Professor Mary Mellor Northumbria
Dr Veronica Villarespe UNAM
Arturo Hermann
Dr Pritam Singh Oxford
Professor John King La Trobe
Professor Elizabth Dore Southampton

4 Responses to 63 economists pledge support for People’s Assembly

  1. Susan Pashkoff on March 21, 2013 at 01:48
    Good to see both Post-Keynesians and Marxists have signed; quite honestly, they should have only gotten those located in Britain to be more relevant, but this is good.
  2. Ros on March 21, 2013 at 01:54
    I am just soo pleased to see that these wonderful people are prepared to help the sick, disabled, homeless and recognise that many many people have died because of this government, which has not been acknowleged by them. They really don’t care about sick and disabled people, they can die for all they care!
    I do hope that with your help we can stop some of this terrible injustice that has been going on for the last 3 years. Disabled people are human beings and need to be treated as such, these people have no feelings at all. 4,600
  3. Ros on March 21, 2013 at 02:18
    people have died so far, there will be more when the “bedroom tax” starts. The government can read the figures, someone on unemployment benefit gets £71.00 per week, someone on sickness gets £99.00 per week, when they have paid for food, water rates, gas and electric, and tv licence etc where are they going to find money for bedroom tax. It seems this con dem coalition just want them to die. Yet they are getting a tax cut and want a pay rise!!!!! How much do they actually care about the people?
    Thank you to all of the wonderful people who have pledged to help unemployed sick and homeless people! Many of us are living in fear of that brown envelope coming through the door which means ATOS are going to score us NIL points and sanction us. What do you do if you have NO savings and rely on benefits to survive?
    Thank you once again, i do hope that something can be done to stop these uncaring people! This is just a few of the people who have died at the hands of this government.
  4. Glynn Smith on March 21, 2013 at 02:20
    Susan Pashkoff, we need as many good intellects as possible. Let’s not start cherry picking based on national dress.