Friday, 1 March 2013

Qatar Foundation social media accounts... hacked!

Qatar Foundation social media accounts... hacked!

In the early hours leading upto Friday prayers, Qatar Foundation's social media accounts were hacked. Signs show that the Pro-Assad Hackers take responsibility. Both platforms have seen their share of slanderous content being posted. See the reactions below.

  1. For those who follow Qatar Foundation, they begin to discover weird behavior...

  2. @qatarfoundation Is THAT a serious tweet or have your account been hacked?

  3. Why hasn't the @qatarfoundation twitter account hijack been noticed?

  4. Has @qatarfoundation's Twitter a/c been hacked, or is it just early still, and I'm missing something?

  5. WHAT IS WRONG WITH @qatarfoundation it's obviously hacked or has a drunk user >.>;

  6. Ummm...I think @qatarfoundation 's twitter has been hacked...why has no one else noticed this? @dohanews @iloveqatar