Thursday, 21 March 2013

UK Hindu's Challenge British Wheel Rule

UK HINDU'S CHALLENGE BRITISH WHEEL RULE Category: Frontpage Published on Tuesday, 19 March 2013 19:34 Hits: 172 British Wheel of Yoga accused of "Colonial Arrogance and Religious Denigration" as it tries to enforce its dubious status as the "Governing Body of Yoga".    "ONE WHEEL TO RULE THEM ALL...... AND ONE WHEEL TO BIND THEM, ONE WHEEL TO BRING THEM ALL AND IN THE DARKNESS BIND THEM! IN THE LAND OF SLEAFORD WHERE THE GRASPING YOGIS LIE.." Great Britain, the birthplace of the Slave trade, the Pillaging Crusades, the Zulu wars, the rape of India, the Malaysia and Amritsar massacres ..... the Fountainhead of Domination and Control .... meets Yoga! So what is it about this little grey rock stuck in the cold waters of the Eastern Atlantic which spawns so many control freaks? If it sits still long enough, quick .. fear it, regulate it, control it!.... What started with the best of intentions has long become a byword for control freakery and domination, the very antithesis of its purpose the support of the practices for the liberation of the human spirit. The latest news is that the hitherto sleeping (like Vishnu!) largest community of Yoga practitioners in the UK, the Hindu's th