Sunday, 29 January 2012

Hillside Park, Meriden | Traveller Solidarity Network

Hillside Park, Meriden

The Traveller Solidarity Network has been asked by the residents of Hillside Park in Meriden to help raise awareness of their struggle to be able to stay on their own land. The site, owned and inhabited by 8 Romani Gypsy families, lays in the village of Meriden, near Solihull in the midlands. The families have had an injunction against further development of the site since the day after they moved onto the land which they own, meaning they have not been able to provide a proper access road or erect simple sheds for toilets.

TSN are of course pledging full support to the residents and we will be working with the residents and supporting them whenever we can so we will updating this section of the site with information on the situation and how you can offer support.

James, a resident at the site wrote this article published on the website of Worker’s Liberty.