Sunday, 29 January 2012

Jobsworths at Dale Farm, 27th January | Traveller Solidarity Network

Jobsworths at Dale Farm, 27th January

After the eviction there are still many families from Dale Farm with nowhere to go, many of them are parked along the road in trailers with no mains electricity, water or sewage. 3 of the trailers are parked on a piece of road covered by the court injunction, forbidding anyone from living there.

The council came to bring notices to these homes, giving them the weekend to move off. However, the residents of these trailers are allowed to move back onto one of the three ‘legal’ plots that exist on the evicted side of Dale Farm. This has been made impossible by the huge amount of dirt left by the council and the trenches which were dug weeks ago in order to lay electricity cables which are still left empty and which are blocking the road.

This video shows the council workers issuing the notices and talking to residents, threatening further action if they do not move by Monday, demanding ‘co-operation’ from the residents. However it is Basildon Council who is responsible for the living conditions being forced onto people at Dale Farm, and it is their responsibility to ensure people are able to move back onto the ‘legal’ yards.