Saturday, 28 January 2012

Occupy Davos protests continue outside WEF « Global Freedom Movement

Occupy Davos activists are continuing their protest in igloos outside the World Economic Forum venue.

Protesters view the forum as an undemocratic club of the world’s rich elite, seeking to secure their wealth.

Demonstrators, who are calling on global leaders to protect the poor and the environment from state budget cuts, launched balloons over the venue to bring attention to their message.

The protest is one of several small, peaceful rallies that have taken place in the Swiss ski resort of Davos this week.

“We think we should solve our problem democratically and not another with those are responsible for the problems because self-proclaimed global leaders, they are responsible for the crisis of the last year and they can’t be the solution. Solution is democracy in every part of the life, it means economy, it means society and it means of course it means politics”, one activist said.

Protesters say that despite their peaceful intentions, they are often portrayed as violent criminals.

“We believe that with democracy we are able to have those solutions, we are able to have those problems solved and it is really crucial that we are not being criminalized while protesting”, a protester said.

26 Jan 2012 Occupy Davos Protest

26 Jan 2012 Occupy Davos Protest - Credit: CSM

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