Saturday, 11 February 2012

The researcher's companion

This project kind of dissolved a few years ago, but I'm keen to start it back up again as a place to share research tools, conference information, methodological skills and practical advice for researchers and practitioners in the social/health sciences.

Original aims of the group here:
'Do you need help in planning a social or health research project? Are you struggling to find papers, critically evaluate evidence, or complete a study? Is research all new to you or are you in need of advice around managing a research team? Do you want help with applying for grants or writing academic papers? Maybe you want advice on dissertation writing.


If so, welcome to The Researcher's Companion.

This is a global group for anyone involved in social or health research. It's a place to ask questions about your research, get advice, start debates, archive resources and network.

Everyone's welcome. Whether you are new to research or a senior researcher. The group is open to those actively involved in research, or who use social or health research in their working practice.

The group is based around my book 'The Research Companion' which aims to make social and health research interesting, accessible, ethical and safe'.

Please join and share if you're interested and we can all start posting useful stuff and tackling your practical research problems - be they big or small.