Thursday, 2 February 2012

Save Gary Mckinnon who is Autistic from Extradition to USA for Hacking Nasa in search for UFO's.

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Why this is important

Gary Mckinnon is part Autistic spectrum and was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome In August 2008, McKinnon was diagnosed by three of the world's leading experts (Professor Simon Baron-Cohen)

We, the Undersigned call on Nick Clegg and David Cameron to keep their pre-election promise to stop the Extradition of Gary Mckinnon and to give his family their life back. If Gary is to be tried he should be tried at Home by a jury of his own peers. All the details of Garys Case are in the Public domain and both of the current UK Leaders supported Gary's fight before they were elected. The US Government via President Obama himself have said they will 'accept the decision of the UK'.

We believe Gary Mckinnon should be tried fairly in UK and to put an end to the misery caused to him and hes family, Gary Mckinnon has Aspergers one of the key traits of people with AS is obsessive interests those of which led him on a journey to seek out UFO information.

Gary did not hack any computers they didn't have any passwords set, anyone with Aspergers and interested in UFO's would of been curious enough to browse Nasa's open doors.