Friday, 20 January 2012

Prisoner Died After Hours of Torture by Cellmates: Bali Police | The Jakarta Globe

Prisoner Died After Hours of Torture by Cellmates: Bali Police
Made Arya Kencana | January 17, 2012

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12:17pm Jan 19, 2012

What the heck.. happens world wide.. wherever wild animals roam regardless of 'religion' (how that entered the equation is beyond me) more so no doubt in 'lower economic environments' I'm no anthropologist or statition... I'd say the only place that is the exception, is perhaps one of Russia's maximum prisons where fraternization is completely impossible.. Can't remember the name. Fairly dehumanising, not much for rehabilitation.. but then that's probably the point. But then again no one gets hurt. Doesn't take a genius though to be aware American prisons are notorious for messed up crap on a daily basis. That said, I'd personally pay a life long mortgage sum so as never to be sent to an Asian prison, gods forbid.. Although if you gave me a spoon I may actually be set.

11:28pm Jan 18, 2012

happens in all jails to some degree i expect...???

8:35pm Jan 18, 2012


I think you need to retract that statement about Christian prisons in America. The only one I read about was to be in Oklahoma, a few years ago. Whether this proposal materialized or not...I don't know.

Like Kesiangan stated, this can happen in any part of the world, and I agree with him.

I am familiar with the Sermon on the Mount. Are you?

8:33pm Jan 18, 2012

Well, at least this matter is reported here. In the US they just reported it under "gangland violence": nothing to see, nothing to hear. The torture by cellmates is part of the punishment in the existing prison system all throughout the world. The dog pack aggresive behavious is enhanced with the prison environment. This is only one of the reported cases out of uncountable in the world, punishment doesn't work! Violence never works! What prison is trying to do is to suck-out the youth energy out of inmates, that bad energy is unleashed amongst inmates in prison. The fire & energy of the youth is best directed toward contribution to the society, all these criminals need is inspiration & the right direction, they don't know any better for the ones they're listening & model themselves after are those FPI - FUI thugs, police & village chiefs & gang heads. Human see Human do. Even with cctv no prison system can prevent violence, unless inmates are caged like animals, that won't work either.

7:32pm Jan 18, 2012

RTumenggung, you seem to be under the illusion that the west is Christian. It isn't. It is secular.

And what happens in western prisons happens because people are not living out the christian ethic.

"christian prisons"? I am not aware the christian church runs prisons or that prisons oin the west are specifically understood as affiliated with christianity.

I stand by what I said - whether or not people live it in the West or elsewhere - there are ideals in the Seromon on the Mount - google it and read it - that are unknown to many people in this country.

I find it intersting too when I google 'love' and find that the Koran urges people to be 'kind' - but not 'agape' - loving - self- giving; self-forgetful, self-sacrificing love - even to laying down your life for a friend and loving your enemies.

Love your enemies? I dont think the men in that cell would have understood that. And in this they are not alone. Such a logic is unknown to many here.

Denpasar. Bali Police are investigating a group of 13 inmates at the notorious Kerobokan Penitentiary over the brutal murder of another inmate there.

Adj. Sr. Comr. Benny Arjanto, the Badung district police chief, said on Tuesday that the 13 men were believed to have assaulted the victim, Edi Suwito, 28, over a 12-hour period on Jan. 11-12.

“The victim was sadistically tortured during this period, in which the perpetrators stubbed out lit cigarettes on his genitals among other things,” Benny said, adding that the perpetrators and the victims all shared the same cramped cell at Kerobokan.

He said Edi had only been at the prison for a day. He had been transferred there from the at-capacity Kuta Police jail. He had been arrested for alleged cellphone theft.

He was placed in the cell at 3 p.m. on Jan. 11 and immediately assaulted by the others, Benny said. Edi was found dead at 4 a.m. the next day.

“Among the items that we’ve seized as evidence include a bamboo pole, a cane, four lighters and a plank of wood,” Benny said.

He said the motive for the vicious attack appeared to be a long-running grudge between the victim and Ahmad Yusuf, one of the 13 other inmates.

“It appears the victim once conned the suspect’s family out of a sum of money, and the suspect had been holding a grudge since then,” he said.

Benny added that to try and cover up their attack, the inmates lied to prison officials and said that Edi had committed suicide by repeatedly banging his head into the wall.

“We didn’t buy that, especially because the autopsy showed all kinds of wounds that could not have been self-inflicted,” he said.

Police are also looking into why the assault was allowed to take place over a 12-hour period without prison officials noticing anything.

“We want to know where the prison guards were that whole time,” Benny said.

Bowo Nariwono, the Kerobokan warden, said his officers had not heard any noises coming from the cell that indicated someone inside was being killed.

“Maybe it was raining at the time so the guards didn’t hear any screams,” he said.

“Besides, that cell was in a block that was far away.”

He did not elaborate what it was far from or why no guards had patrolled the area.